I like coming to dance to see my friends and we have fun doing flips and jumps, I was scared to start with but the first time I went Danielle said I was really good at it and she gave me the dancer of the day certificate. One day my mum called me and showed me a video on UDA's Facebook page and I was on it doing a flip with my friend, mum said I was famous. I'm looking forward to doing the shows at the CreateFest and Christmas Lights, my mum and dad and brothers are going to come and watch me and my sister do our dances, we can't wait.


I have been going to UDA for a couple of years, I have met lots of friends and I learn new dance moves every week that I practice at home and show my mum. I feel a lot more confident and I love Danielle lots, she is a great teacher. When we done the Christmas lights switch on performance last year I was so nervous but when we went on stage we performed our dance and everyone clapped it was amazing and now my little brother comes to dance too, it's really helped his anxiety and temper and he loves it as he's met friends there that come and knock for him after school so now he's got friends in our village. We both love going to UDA and mum said we could go to the summer school for UDA too so now its even better.


We like UDA because we get to meet new friends. Its also fun and active. it teaches you to get better at street dance. It makes you confident and helps you get over your fears.


I love UDA as it's a huge confidence booster for me and all my friends who do it. Danielle is such a great teacher and it's so much fun to learn and perform dances. It's became my new thing and it's such a lovely unique group to dance and have fun with. It's absolutely amazing and I would recommend it to anyone with young children as it's a chance to form new friendships and create a hobby for each week.





Ramsey, Peterborough, March & Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire

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